We welcome you to join us and make your contribution to this blog in terms of a Guest post or any other creative content of yours.

So, irrespective of what religion or culture you belong to, language/s you speak, views and opinions you carry, feel free to be a part of this blog. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please read the following points.


We are looking for some good and genuine work on the following

1. Religion and Spirituality
2. Arts, culture and Society
3. Science and technology (Health tips or any latest happenings which you feel, our readers would enjoy reading)
4. If you have a good voice, you may send us recording of yours on something relevant to the theme of this site or give voice to what some of our authors have penned down.
 If you are good at composing music or clicking photographs, you may contribute your work and we shall publish it in relevant sections of this site.
5. If you have expertise in any other area(not mentioned here) or do not have any,but still wish to express your views on any topic, feel free to Contact us.


1.     The content submitted by you, Should be original (your own creation).

2.     In case, you wish to include in your content any material originally not created by you, It is your sole responsibility to ensure that it has been taken under [ ( CC BY ) attribution ] license only or which is in Public domain and is properly attributed. In case, you have any doubts, you may ask us.
    However, Please remember that you are solely responsible for your content.Please do not submit content, which infringes copyrights of any other party.

3.     Send us your article in email itself, avoid attachments, unless it is an audio/ video file.

4.     Please provide :

     your full legal name,
     Pseudonym or pen name (if any)
     brief Author bio 
     (with links to your social networks like facebook, twitter, your 
       own blog / website (if any) )
    mention clearly whether you want us to publish your        
     full/partial info or simply publish the article under a pen name.

5.     your content should not endorse any individual or any organisation,at the same time, it should not include any hate speech, profanity etc.

    6.  We reserve the right to make any minor changes to the
(if required).

    7.  We respect your rights over your content, and shall not misuse,
or sell it to any third party, You are free to use your
         content in any manner 
you wish to, by publishing it here you
         grant us a limited royalty-free license
only to retain your work
         on our blog 
( or in case of any changes,
         to our new b
log/ website).We reserve the right to decide,
         how long your articles remain published on our blogs/websites.

  Submission Process :

 If your post meets the above guidelines, Please  Contact Us, we shall
 get in touch with you asap. 

   updated on 10th feb'13.