Q. What is this blog all about?

A: You will find articles/Images/videos on religion, God, Spirituality, True experiences from daily life /activities, Social/ Cultural issues, blogging/ some tech-tips and any other topic we may find interesting to write about. Please Select the Category (from the right side column) you are interested in or click open the sitemap for easy navigation.

Q. Why did you start this blog?

A: Mind is fickle and thoughts are volatile. At times, we get real brilliant ideas and some truly valuable thoughts, but we don’t preserve them and over a period of time forget them completely. Putting those, here in this blog makes it easier  to re-call such ideas/thoughts and also helps us in comparing how our thinking Changes with time.

Q. Why did you choose the Title “request2god”?

A: Honestly, it was just a co-incidence. While I was thinking over some other title, I saw, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita which was kept on my table (the pocket edn.) and all of a sudden my fingers started typing request2god. Thus, the name got locked in the database.

Q. Ok, Understood, but why are the articles on different themes and not only on religion/God?
A: As mentioned above, I just stumbled upon the title name, it was not intentional. Moreover, 
God does not ask us to worship 24x7 ( Does He?). So, we write what we feel is suitable and which our readers may find interesting or useful. We request2god on different occasions and for different reasons, Don’t we?

Q. Fine, but why don’t I see articles on my religion here?

A: The articles here are not restricted to any particular religion or region. If you are not able to see anything on your religion, please don’t be offended, in future you will. We believe, we should have sufficient knowledge before writing on a particular topic. If You have something to write or share with our other members, then feel free to Contribute a Post.

Q. Are you some expert?

A: who can claim to be an expert? No one is an expert in this world, yet everyone is an expert in his/her own world. There are many highly knowledgeable people around, some are known in public, while many others do not prefer the limelight. We respect every living being, and believe everyone has some or the other thing to contribute.

Q. Alright, enough of your thoughts, tell me who are the people behind this blog and something about them?

A: Vaguely Everyone, including you who is reading this, those who contribute towards this blog, appreciate or like the posts here or simply pay a visit.

Members who contribute towards this blog:

Raj Suhag
He is a firm believer and devotee of Lord Krishna. There was a time, when he never believed in God or spirituality, and today he does not feel tired thinking about the almighty, all the time. Most of the articles on religion (Hinduism) and Spirituality are written by him. He expresses his feelings in a simple, natural, interesting and convincing style of writing. His posts can be understood and digested easily by the young generation and are appealing to our elders too. You may contact him at :     Raj Suhag (facebook)          Raj Suhag (Googl+)   

A tech-savvy person and a helpful friend, provides valuable suggestions in technical matters.

(Co-Admin), She looks after the daily Quotes section, writes the explanation of the  Mantras and articles which are informative. No wonder, she is a part of the education fraternity.

Inder RS
A mariner by default, replying the above Questions and attempting to munch on your brains. I'am the Blog Admin. If you do not like anything about this blog, wish to suggest improvements or simply like to say a Hello, then you may catch hold of me,  on any of the below mentioned addresses :

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*The Facebook Page is managed by some of my co-authors and not me, Some Posts depending on the theme, from this blog are shared there in good faith.                                      
We are not full-time pro-bloggers, so the posts are  are published as and when we find some free time.(Don't forget to subscribe to our free updates).

Thank you and God Bless Us All !!