White Peacock, White Peafowl free images, interesting facts and information

White Peafowl is a color mutant of Indian Peafowl. The genetic mutation produces all white color of feathers and other body parts. The eyes are pale-blue colored. The eye shaped spots on the tail feathers of the males are also silverfish rather than being colored. In fact a white peafowl is actually completely white and carries a princely charm and elegance.

Birds, white peacock dancing
RG97- White Peacock Dancing

bird, white peacock
RG100- white peacock

white beautiful peacock
RG101- white beauty

white peacock head
RG102- white Peacock Head

white peacock on rocks
RG103- white peacock on rocks

white peahen
RG104- white peahen

white peahen with eggs
RG105- white peahen with eggs

Beautiful angel dances
RG98-  Beautiful Angel Dances

pure white peacock feathers
RG99- Pure-white Peacock feathers

Most of the white Peafowl are bred in captivity in India and very few occurrences have been noted in the wild. Males are larger than females.

Peafowl produce a variety of vocal sounds like pia-ow, kok-kok etc. Their lifespan is 15-20 years. Adults can fly for shorter distances, generally only to escape predators and fly into trees. Their common predators are tigers, leopards, large eagles and by poachers for meat and feathers etc.

Peacocks follow polygamy and a peacock’s harem consists of 4-5 peahens, Indian peacocks perform a dance by spreading their tail feathers into a fan shape and attract the females. The female lays 4-5 eggs and incubates them. Peahen also protects the eggs by laying them in a nest and also carries them along during flight. The eggs hatch after a month’s time, with little pea-chicks born which soon start walking with their mothers and follow her where she goes, climbing on her back at times. They reach sexual maturity by 2-2.5 years of age.

Design of Peacock and pattern of its feathers has been widely used in many paintings, Indian architecture, temples, old coins, textiles and even today in various art forms.

I hope you like the Images of white peafowl in different postures, I had seen the Indian peafowl many a times before, but the white one’s I saw only  when I visited this National Park and I realized that it was worth visiting the peafowl section to capture some of these beautiful shots.

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