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Hyena is a carnivorous mammal native to Africa, The Indian Sub-continent, Arabian countries and many parts of Asia. It belongs to the family ‘Hyaenidae’ and their habitat ranges from open grasslands, forest edges, woodlands, semi-arid regions and mountainous areas. Most of the hyenas are nocturnal animals, although they hunt even during the day at times.

hyena, striped hyena, hyena face, sleeping hyena
RG152- A striped Hyena sleeping

There are four different species of hyena present today. These are
1. Striped Hyena, 2.Spotted Hyena, 3. Aardwolf hyena and 4.Brown hyena

The striped hyena is a near threatened species (IUCN red list) and is believed to be a true hyena. Its forward legs are longer when compared to hind legs, making the back slope downwards and giving it a strange limping look. It has a heavy head with small dark eyes, the ears are very large and pointed while the muzzle is thick. The body color varies from brown, golden yellow to grey with black stripes all over the legs and body. This helps them to camouflage well in tall grass. It can measure up to 4-5 ft in length including the tail, 2-3 ft tall and weigh 30-50 kg.

Striped hyena reaches sexual maturity by 2 years of age. Mating can take place at any time during the year and the gestation period is about 3 months with 2-4 cubs born. Both the male and female raise the young ones and together construct a den. They feed on dead animals and are primarily scavengers. They occasionally attack animals using a military tactic (where in the pack surrounds the prey, blocking all the possible escape routes) and kill them. Their prey may include donkeys, sheep, goats, dogs, horses, rodents, insects, rabbits and birds. They may also damage certain plantations and fields.A hyena has exceptionally strong bite force and can crush bones with its teeth and swallow them.

The striped hyena is the national animal of Lebanon. In many parts of the world the hyenas have been killed and the body parts used in medicines, meat and other purposes.

Striped hyenas can be trained in captivity. They can gradually become controllable and affectionate like tamed dogs.

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