Red Lory parrot, free pictures with information

Red lory scientifically known as Eos bornea / Eos rubra is a medium sized parrot found in tropical lowland and mangrove forests of Indonesia in its native state.

Red lory parrot
RG113- Red Lory Parrot

A red lory measures around 25-30 cm in length and the average weight ranges from 50-200 grams. Seeing a red lorry one would think that the bird has been painted red in color. Perhaps, it is for this reason that they have been named as red lory. Therefore most of it’s body is red  in color, the tail is reddish brown with under tail feathers being blue in color. It has an orange beak with grey legs. Wings show black and blue feathers- the primaries are black, the secondaries and the greater wing-coverts are tipped with black, initially in juveniles they are blue and later change to red. The average lifespan is 25 years.

In the wild their diet consists of pollen, nectar, fruits, seeds and occasionally small insects found while searching for nectar and pollen in various flowers. Pet lories may be fed on honey, vegetables, berries and fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, grapes, apples, pomegranates, papaya, corn-cob etc. Just like other lories, red lorry too has a specialized tongue with hair like papillae for sucking nectar. Fresh branches of fruit trees may be provided to meet their gnawing needs. The cage should and food serving arrangements should be cleaned regularly. Fresh water should be provided every day.

Lories are highly intelligent, loving, playful and energetic birds. They are always curious to learn and discover things and thus can be trained. Some lories sleep on their backs with feet up in the air. They should be provided with sufficient toys and bathed regularly. They love to interact with people and hence this habit should be encouraged amongst the birds from an early age. Red lorry is a good talker and can use the words in right context. It can also mimic many sounds.

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