Mottled Wood Owl, Strix ocelleta, Owl free Images and interesting information

Mottled wood Owl is scientifically known as Strix ocelleta and belongs to the genus Strix. It is a large owl and native to the Indian sub-continent (mainly India and Myanmar). These owls live in thin forests, desert forests, farmlands and vegetation areas around human settlements.

Owl, Mottled Wood Owl, Strix ocelleta, owl face, owl eyes, owl call
RG154- Mottled Wood Owl

Owl, Earless owl, Mottled wood owl, owl without ears
RG155- Two Owls

This owl grows up to 40-50 cm and has a large round face with no ears. It has dark brown irises with red eyelids. The entire body is dark brown and mottled-red. Additionally it has reddish-brown to white wavy lines all over its body. The face is marked with concentric black and grey-white bars. The chin is white colored and the beak is grey-black. It is listed as Least concern and not endangered due to its population being more or less stable. Mottled wood owls roost on trees during the day.

This Owl produces a special call which is very frightening. In many parts of India, it is considered a bad Omen when the Owl calls or hoots. They nest in tree cavities and  the female lays up to 2-3 eggs during the breeding season.

Their diet consists of rodents, small insects, small mammals and some birds.

A few more interesting facts about Owls in general :

1. An Owl can camouflage very easily in its habitat, this is due to its plumage color.
2. The claws of an Owl are very powerful and help them to catch their prey.
3. An owl can turn its head in 270 degrees, 135 degrees either side.
4. Many species of owl are silent in their flight, this id due to the presence of special flight feathers.
5. Owls are found in all parts of the world, except the Antartica.
6. A Barn Owl can be easily identified by its heart shaped face.
7. ‘Parliament’ is the name used to describe a group of Owls.

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