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Indian wolf is a carnivorous mammal native to India, Pakistan and some of the Arabian countries like Iran, U.A.E , Iraq etc. Their habitat is mainly desert areas, open grasslands and thorn forests. Its scientific name is ‘Canis lupus pallipes’ and is believed to be a sub-species of grey wolf. However, recent genetic testing has shown that Indian wolf has not inter-bred with any other wolf species from many thousand years and hence is a separate species on its own.

wolf, Indian wolf, grey wolf, himalayan wolf
RG153- Indian wolf

animals, wolf, grey wolf, Indian wolf, running wolf
RG154- Indian wolf on a run

In Hindi it is called ‘Bhedia’. There are very few wolves in the wild today (a little over 2000 ) in India. It has become an endangered species in India due to the lack of habitat and human hunting them down. In many parts of India where the wolves found sufficient food in their natural habitat, the local people did not harm them much, but in certain areas wolves have been believed to attack and kill small children and the cattle bringing them in direct conflict with the people. This behavior of Indian wolves led to a large scale killing of wolves in the past.

Indian wolves are believed to be the direct ancestors of the domestic dog. They are generally smaller than the other grey wolves and measures 3-3.5 ft in length, 2ft tall and can weigh up to 20 kg. They have reddish to light brown coat with black tip. Also the fur is shorter and thinner than other species. The chest and belly region is white or pale. The muzzle is elongated and it has strong canines. A prominent v shaped dark marking can be seen over the shoulders.

They live in small packs and not very possessive about their territory. This is also attributed that they do not howl much like other wolves. In the wild they hunt in pairs and prey deer, antelopes, wild boar, rabbits, raccoons and rodents. However in areas of human settlements they attack livestock too.

The breeding season begins in autumn ( after the rain) and the gestation period is around two months. The female will give birth to 1-6 puppies in the underground den. the average life span of Indian wolf is 10-15 years.

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