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The Honey Badger or Ratel is a highly fearless animal and quite famous among the youth for its ability to survive attacks even by some of the ferocious animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, deadliest snakes and many others. It has earned a fame that many people think that it simply cannot be preyed by any animal, in fact they feel that honey badger simply does not care and afraid of Nothing.
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RG156- The Honey Badger or Ratel

The name ‘Ratel’ comes from Afrikaans and it is the nickname chosen by South African army for its infantry fighting vehicle. This Honey badger is native to Africa, Indian sub continent and many parts of south west Asia. They are very adaptable to a variety of habitats and are normally found in Savannah, arid regions, mountain regions, tropical and sub tropical forests.

Honey badger measures up to 50-80 cm in body length and the tail is 15-25 cm. the weight ranges from 5-15 kg. Males are larger than the females. It has a robust built. The head is broader with a small face, small eyes and very small ears. The muzzle is short. Entire body is divided into two colored halves. The top part is white to grey while the bottom is dark brown to black. It has large and powerful claws. The fur is short and smooth. It is because of such physique that it can dig burrows at a fast speed even in solid dry ground.

The most interesting part in a honey Badgers body is the presence of thick skin which cannot be penetrated easily by bee stings, canine bites and snake bites. It also has an anal pouch which it uses while attacking honey combs, as the suffocating smell calms down the bees.

The Honey Badger is a skilled and solitary hunter. It may hunt in pairs occasionally and feeds on rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, fruits, vegetables, roots and it loves Honey and bee larvae.

Nasty boy- The Honey Badger
It is believed that on many occasions a honey badger can chase away young lions and take away their kill. If during killing a snake it gets bitten, it rests for some time and then again wakes up to eat the dead snake. It is a highly cunning and clever and often uses tools to fetch a prey. To catch a ground squirrel, it plugs all their tunnel openings with stones leaving only one exit and catches the squirrel as it comes out. In a few documentaries on Honey Badger, it has been shown rolling a few logs and standing on one to reach a immature kingfisher bird stranded on a tree branch. Honey badger does not get tired very easily and will not stop for anything when it comes to search food. Their average lifespan is 5-10 years in wild and around 20 years in captivity.

The only major threat to honey badgers is that from Human beings. Since, it attacks many poultry farms and beehives in apiculture, it is trapped, poisoned or killed by humans. Astonished to know, what this little looking animal is capable of !! there are some nice videos on the internet, do watch a few and you will agree that Honey Badger truly is a Brave-Heroic-little monster.

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