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Grey francolin is also known as Indian grey partridge or simply Tee-tar (Hindi name). Its scientific name is ‘Francolinus pondicerianus’.  It is a small to medium sized bird native to the Indian sub-continent (mainly India and some parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) and has been introduced in few other parts of the world. It is famous as a game bird in the Indian sub-continent and has also been hunted for its meat.

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RG151- two little Grey Francolin
A Grey Francolin grows up to 25-35 cm in length and the average weight is around 200-350 grams. The females are smaller than the males. Sexual monomorphism can be seen and both the sexes have barred plumage all through out. The face is pale to buff colored and it has a dark border below its throat. Most of the plumage is grey in color with dark brown-buff barring.
Males have spurs which are found missing in females. The chicks and juvenile birds lack the dark border on the throat. Slight variations in color and size have been observed in the sub-species depending on their geographical location.

It lives in a variety of habitat such as arid regions, near villages, grasslands, shrub land and cultivated fields. This bird is a poor flier and normally it runs to protect itself. However, it can take very short flights. The diet consists of seeds, insects, grains, beetles, lizards and on some occasions it can also attack and eat snakes.

Grey francolin’s can be seen in small groups and make loud calls like ka-tee-tar  and kila-kila-kila. Although they forage during the day on the ground, they roost at night on the trees. The breeding season is from may-oct and they make a nest on the ground or on some rock. Generally 5-9 eggs are laid and the incubation period is around 20-24 days.

This bird runs in an elegant and beautiful style, making it a part of many poems (literary works) in India. In fact, if a girl or woman walks beautifully, it can be said that she walks like a teetar or the Grey Francolin.

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