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Golden Pheasant (scientific name : Chrysolophus pictus) is believed to be of Chinese origin and is normally hunted for food or for sport. However, now a days it can be seen in many other parts of the world and in some areas feral populations have been established. I saw it for the first time at Nehru Zoological park in Hyderabad, India.

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RG141- Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant with beautiful long tail
RG142-Golden pheasant tail

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RG143- Pheasant in meditation

Golden pheasants in their natural habitat live in dense and dark forests, bushy slopes, mountainous areas and terraced fields. It is due to this, that it becomes very difficult to see them in the wild. These birds spend most of their day time on the ground searching for food and spend less time flying. During night time they prefer to sleep on dense trees. Their diet consists of grain, tender bamboo shoots, seeds, flower parts, berries, insects and leaves. Although they can fly in short bursts, still they prefer to run in normal situations.

These birds can grow up to 80-100 cm in length including a very long tail which makes about two-third of its entire length and can weigh around 600 grams on an average. The male bird has a bright red body color and a crest which is golden in color. Lower back parts are golden too. The eye is yellow with a black pupil and the bill is yellowish golden.
There are feathers around its neck which act like a cloak and are golden-orange with black stripes. The face and surrounding parts appears tanned and rusty feathers on upper back are green while the tertiary feathers are blue. It has an attractive long tail. The tail has black and golden spots and the tip is kind of pale chocolate color. Its legs are yellow in color.

The female birds are comparatively duller in appearance and can be found in brown, black and beige color. The colorful plumage of males often helps them in courting the females. Golden pheasant males love to stay in shaded areas, as contact with direct sunlight for longer hours can fade their bright colored feathers.

Female normally lays up to 7-12 eggs and the incubation period is roughly 20-24 days. The average life span of the Golden Pheasant is 5-6 years, but in captivity they can live longer up to 15 years.

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