Fruit Bats, Flying Foxes, Mega Bats free Pictures with Interesting facts

Fruits Bats are also called the flying foxes or Mega bats. However, their size varies a lot and can range anything from 2 inches in one location to 18 inches in another and so on. Similarly large variations in their weight have also been observed. It is for this reason that they are often mistaken with other bat species.The wing span of some of the fruit bats can be more than 5 feet. These bats can be found in any part of the world but prefer mostly the tropical region, as they don’t like cold climate.
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RG159- Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes

Many people believe that the fruit bats are blind especially the way they land, however one would be surprised to know that they have the best vision among all the bats. They have large eyes too. These bats do not eat insects and the diet consists of only fruits and nectar. They normally eat crushed fruits (mainly the juice), although there sharp teeth can penetrate hard skin of the fruits. A fruit bat also has a very long tongue, which it keeps rolled up inside the mouth and around the rib cage and can be seen when it sucks nectar from the flowers.

A fruit bat spends most of its time eating, sleeping, socializing and grooming itself. They like to keep themselves neat and clean. One can see them splashing water on themselves, followed by licking their body with their tongue in order to remove the stickiness which developed due to the fruit juices.

Their wing shapes vary depending on their geographical location. The long wings of a fruit bat help them to stay warm. While roosting, they wrap these wings around their body to conserve the body heat.

Fruit bats have a very strong sense of smell. These bats prefer to live in large colonies where they feel safe and more secure. It is believed that the fruit bats turned to a fruit and nectar diet in the shortage of insects many thousand years ago. They prefer areas with green vegetation so that the food supply is abundant.

It is believed that fruit bats can act as carriers of some deadly viruses such as ebola, hendrah virus etc. All though they do not show any signs of diseases caused by these viruses, they can spread them proving fatal to humans.

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