Emus, Free Images of Emu Bird with Interesting facts

Emu is the second largest bird after Ostritch in the world and the largest bird found in Australia. A majority of people in Australia consider it to be their National Bird. Emus have very strong legs, in fact the strongest of all animals. They use their legs to defend themselves from predators by bestowing a strong kick to the predator. Their single kick is so strong that it can tear apart metallic fences also.

Birds, Emus
RG110- Male Emu Bird

Male and female Emu Birds feeding
RG111- Male and female Emu Birds feeding

Similar to Ostrich, it too can not fly. However, they are very good runners and can run up to 40-50 Km/h. Additionally, they are excellent swimmers.

They are native to Australia and found in open grasslands in Australia. In many parts of the world, they are bred for commercial purposes. An Emu is brownish in color and can grow up to a height of 6 ft.  They have three toed foot. The neck has very scanty small feathers and legs are featherless. They feed on seeds, plant shoots, flowers, fruits, certain grass, grain, insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, rodents and lizards. Similar to an Ostritch, they swallow pebbles which help them in grinding the food in their stomach.

Emus can live up to 10 years in the wild. They mate during the December month and the female lays eggs which are greenish in color and slighter smaller than those of an Ostritch.  Generally, during the breeding season the females try to court the males, they may occasionally fight over same male partner also. The eggs are incubated by the Male Emu for a period of 50-60 days. During this period, the male does not eat anything and spends entire time taking care of eggs. However, the female Emu may mate with other males and lay more eggs.

Emu is of great economic importance. It’s meat is considered to be of low-fat and lean meat. Their leather and Oil is also used for various purposes. There are many commercial Emu farms all over the world. 
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