Eastern Rosella parrot, Free Images with interesting facts

Eastern Rosella also known as Rosella multicolor is a medium sized colorful parrot native to Australia and Tasmania. Their habitat ranges from open grasslands, wood lands, gardens, disturbed clearings and parks. It grows up to 28-32 cm in length and the average weight is around 100 grams.

birds, eastern rosella parrot also known as rosella multicolor
RG132- Eastern Rosella Parrot

Normally, the males are larger than females. The head, neck and breast are red in color while the beak is white. The irises are brownish-black and the belly is yellow turning into yellowish green further down. The feathers on the back and shoulder are black with yellow margins. The females are less brighter than the males. The upper tail feathers are blue to dark green while the under tail is red. The underside of tail feathers is white. This bird has distinct white cheeks. There are three sub-species of eastern rosella.

They mainly feed on seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, flowers, plant parts and insects. They feed on ground, plants, trees and bushes.

They are sexually active all through out their lives. Males attain maturity by 2-3 years and females at about 18 months. They make nest in tree hollows. The female lays 4-5 eggs and the incubation period is around 20 days. During this period the male feed the female, since she leaves the nest only to defecate.

These birds are not very shy. Many people believe that it’s difficult to domesticate rosella fully and they may bite people. Also they require a large cage, which enable them to fly freely. However, these are intelligent birds and can be trained to produce various sounds and whistles. They may also require a lot of toys to play with. 

Still many people like to keep them as pet due to their colorful plumage and sturdy personality. They can live 15 years or more. Hope you enjoyed the post. More pictures will be added soon.

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