Cockatiel free Pictures and Interesting facts

Cockatiel is the smallest member of cockatoo family and the second most popular birds after Budgerigars. Cockatiels are found in grasslands, wetlands and arid regions of Australia in native state. They are nomadic birds and relocate themselves from one area to another depending on their needs. 

birds, grey cockatiel parrot with head in pot
RG128- Grey Cockatiel with head in pot

Grey cockatiel parrots
RG129- Grey Cockatiel parrots

birds, white cockatiel parrot
RG130- white cockatiel parrot

yellow-faced cockatiel pair
RG131- yellow faced cockatiel pair

Their diet includes seeds, leaves, bark, fruits, vegetables and insects. Similar to other Cockatoo, cockatiel also have a crest (i.e feathers on its head which it can raise and lower).They live in small flocks in the wild. 

A cockatiel is a small bird and grows up to 30 cm in length and weigh up to 100 gm. They are usually grey in color with white side feathers and yellowish tail feathers. The face is normally yellow or white with a red patch on the cheeks. The beak is grey in color. Now a days many mutations can be seen and are available for sale. 

Their lifespan ranges from 10-30 years. They attain sexual maturity by 9-10 months of age and mate for life. Most of the breeding takes place from September to December. They make nests in tree hollows and the female lays the eggs which are incubated for a period of 20 days. They have been found sharing trees with other cockatiels and love birds. 

These birds are excellent fliers and can take sharp turns in mid flight. Cockatiels are good at mimicry and copy different sounds which they hear. In fact, the males mimic various such sounds to court the females. They are highly sociable and emotional birds, and may become possessive of their owners. They need to spend some time out of their cage everyday in order to exercise themselves by taking short flights. However, if it is a pet make sure the doors, windows are closed and no sharp objects are kept in that room. They have the habit to hide signs of illness. 
In case you wish to keep one as pet make sure you will be able to devote ample time to it, as they feel depressed if not provided with proper attention. I hope you like the pics, many more to come. Stay tuned !!!

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