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Chattering lory is a medium sized parrot. It’s scientific name is Lorius garrulous. This bird is endemic to North Maluku, Indonesia. As per IUCN list chattering lorry is a threatened-Vulnerable species. This is mainly due to the habitat loss (deforestation and human settlements) and the trapping done for cage-bird trade.
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RG112- Chattering Lory Parrot, Hyderabad zoo

Chattering lory grows up to 10-12 inches and weighs around 150- 300 grams. The overall color of this bird is red with a red head. It has an orange beak, grey/white eye rings and orange to red colored irises. The wings are generally green or yellowish green, legs are green with grey feet. Tail is red with blue to green feathers on the tip. Some of the sub species have yellow patch on the back.

Chattering lorry as the name suggests chatters a lot all through out the day. They are found in rain forests and the diet consists mainly of seeds, vegetables, nectar, fruits, pollen, grain and buds. They make loud noises especially when in large flocks sucking on nectar or feeding. Chattering lorry has brush bristle like papillae on the tip of its tongue, which help them in sucking nectar. Such a specialized tongue has earned them the name of brush- tongued parrots. These birds love playing and bathing in water. They are excellent at mimicry and can copy produce various sounds, but they are not very good talkers. They spend many hours feeding everyday and can travel long distances in search of nectar and to find a suitable nesting site.

They attain maturity by 2 years of age. The female lays about 2-4 eggs which are incubated for a period of 22-25 days. Some of the lories can make good companion parrots. However, they need a large cage providing them sufficient room for short flights and toys to play with.

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