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Budgerigar also known by various nick names such as Budgie or Shell parakeet or Grass parakeet or Common pet parakeet is a small parrot is the most popular pet bird all around the world.
In native state it is found in Australia in different habitats ranging from forests to arid regions. It is a small parrot growing up to 20 cm in length and weighs around 30-40 gm, with long tail. 

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RG122- Budgerigar 

two little parrots in love
RG123- Innocent love
Although, today the budgies are found in various colors, but those in wild are light green in color, the back and wing covert (feathers) have black stripes with yellow edges. The head and face are yellow in color with thin black stripes on head and neck. They have a few distinct black spots on each side of the throat. The tail feathers are blue in color with yellow- black edges. The beak is greenish grey in color and does not protrude much.

Budgies live a nomadic life flying to different places in search of food. They can adapt to different kinds of climatic conditions and temperatures. Their diet mainly consists of different types of seeds and certain leaves. Breeding takes place during the rainy seasons and the females lays around 5-6 eggs, the incubation period is 20 days. Budgies prefer to live in colonies and there could be many nests on a single tree. This provides them maximum security, as more birds will keep a watch for the predators and alert others.

They can live up to 10-15 years. They can turn their heads 180 degrees and can mimic human speech in addition to various other sounds. They are quick learners and can be trained to grasp many words and count. Not only they have rich vocabulary but can also use the words in right context. Budgerigars have three eyelids. Upper eyelid, lower and side eyelid, which is used to protect their eyes.

How to distinguish male and female Budgerigar?
In case of females the flesh above the beak is brown in color and in males it is blue.

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