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Barred Eagle Owl is also known as Malay Eagle Owl is a nocturnal bird found in many parts of South Asia mainly Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar , Thailand and  Greater Sundas islands. It lives in large tropical and sub tropical woodlands. The widespread presence of this owl has made it listed as Least Concern in IUCN red list. The population of this owl is more or less stable.

Owl, Barred eagle owl, Malay eagle owl, Owl eyes, owl ears
RG153- Barred Eagle Owl or Malay Eagle Owl

It belongs to the family strigidae and its scientific name is Bubo sumatranus. This name comes from the fact that it was first discovered in Sumatra. The genus Bubo has some of the largest of the owls. However, this owl is a fairl small member and measures up to 40-50 cm in body length, with an average weight of 500 -600 grams. The color of beak and feet is yellow. The face is rather pale to yellowish white with big round dark brown eyes.  The ear tufts are barred light brown on the inner side and dark brown on the outer. These are very long and look as if slanting outwards. In fact the eyebrows and the long ear tufts give a feeling that the owl is wearing a hairy hat. The back is dark brown and mottled, with many yellowish-paler bars. The chest and belly region is buff to white colored. There are dark brown spots spread in an irregular fashion over the under parts.

A deep hoot, ‘Hoo’ is a common vocal sound produced by these birds. They make their nests in cavities of trees and the female lays 1-2 eggs. They can also make nest around human settlements. Owls feed on rodents, snakes, insects like grass hoppers, lizards and birds.

A few amazing facts about Owls :

1. The females are slightly larger than the males.
2. Owl’s lack eye balls.
3. The great grey Owl is the world’s largest owl and measures around 70 cm in body length on an average.
4. Owls can see during the day. They look sleepy during the day because they close their eyes to block the extra light (since their pupil’s don’t contract in bright light). The Owl may still be fully awake and alert !!

5. the world’s smallest Owl is the Elf Owl.

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