African Grey Parrot, free images and interesting facts

African Grey Parrot or simply Grey Parrot is believed to be one of the most intelligent birds in existence today. It’s scientific name is Psittacus erithacus. These parrots are native to rain forests of central Africa.

Birds, African Grey Parrot
RG118- African Grey Parrot

There are two sub-species of grey parrots 1) Congo African Grey parrot and 2) Timneh African Grey parrot. As the name suggests, they have mostly are mostly grey or darker shades of grey in color, with a bare whitish facial patch. The Iris is black in young ones and changes to yellow in older greys. The Congo grey has a black beak and red tail while the Timneh grey have slightly pale black or grayish beak color and maroon tail. Congo grey has lighter body color and is larger in size when compared to Timneh Grey.  It is very difficult to differentiate between males and females, since both sexes look identical.

These birds have a longer lifespan of up to 50 years in wild and in captivity may live up to 70 years also. They mainly feed on nuts, leaves, seeds, figs and fruits.

They reach sexual maturity by 4-5 years. Generally 2-3 eggs are laid by the females which take 25-30 days to hatch. These birds can mimic many sounds that they hear around them. Those which are kept as pet, can be trained to learn words and can speak those words in the language in which they are taught. A few trained parrots have mastered around 1000 words or even more of English language. Since the grey parrots are highly intelligent, they are equally emotional and require higher degree of attention, love and care. Just like a small child they love to play with toys and should be kept occupied with some new tasks and short training to provide them mental exercising. In the absence of proper care, these birds may behave violently and may get more connected to an individual person, rather than all the members of household.

African Grey Parrot is listed as threatened-vulnerable in IUCN red list. Whether you like or don’t like birds, still I would personally suggest you to watch a few videos on internet of these talking parrots or to visit them, if you can. Stay tuned for more Images and information.

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