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Peacock is the national bird of India. In Hindi it is called as ‘Mor’. Peacock has been treated as an important and respectful bird in Hinduism. It is the vehicle of lord karthikeya or Lord Murugan and also of Goddess Saraswati (goddess of knowledge and learning).

Birds, Indian Peacock
RG88-  Indian Peacock

Indian Peacock on wooden log
RG89- Indian Peacock on Wooden Log

Birds, Dancing Peacock
RG90- Dancing Peacock

Indian Peacock with colorful tail feathers spread
RG91- Indian Peacock with colorful tail feathers spread

Peacock dancing and courting females
RG92- Peacock Dancing and Courting females

glossy blue peacock neck
RG93- Glossy blue peacock neck

Indian Peacock feeding
RG94- Indian Peacock feeding

female peafowl also called Peahen
RG95- Female Peafowl or Peahen

colorful peacock feathers
RG96- Colorful Peacock feathers

 It is believed that when lord Indra was defeated by demon Ravana, he hide himself under the wings of a Peacock and was protected. Later he blessed the bird with a thousand eyes( the eyes shaped spots on its feathers). Even Lord Krishna always put a peacock feather on his head/ crown. In many parts of India, people use peacock feathers in many rituals and along with ornaments.

These are mainly found in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Myanmar, some parts of South East Asia and Africa.

They are adapted to live in forest areas as well as cultivated land with human habitat and prefer staying on ground for foraging. They mainly feed on grains, seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, berries, small insects, rodents and small snakes.

The male peafowl is known as Peacock and the female is known as peahen, while the babies are called pea-chicks. The males can grow up to 4-7 ft in body length including the tail which is called ‘train’ and on an average weight around 5-7 kg. Females are smaller and weigh around 3-5 kg growing up to 3-3.5 ft. It’s the male which has the bright colorful long tail feathers. These tail feathers of mails have eye shaped spots of different colors. It is believed that these colorful long feathers help males in courting the females and also at times to scare smaller predators. The male spreads the tail feathers like a fan and attracts the females, this action is also referred as dancing of peacock.

The males are more colorful than females, the eyes of a peacock are surrounded by a white crescent shaped mark below and straight white mark above. The bill is white in color, while rest of the head and neck is bluish green colored with some iridescent feathers. On the head lies a small fan shaped crest with bluish feathers, while in the females the color of the crest feathers is brownish bronze and most of their body feathers are brownish with some neck feathers being greenish in color and underside being white.

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