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Sloth bear also known as Labiated Bear shaking a tree
RG6- Sloth Bear on Tree

Sloth bears or stickney bears ready to wrestle
RG7- Two Sloth Bears ready to wrestle

the fur coat of sloth bear is dusty and shaggy
RG8- Sloth Bear 

Information on Sloth Bear
Common Name : Stickney Bear, Labiated Bear, Sloth Bear.

Scientific Name : Melursus ursinus

Local Names: Bhalu, Reech, Bhalluk, Karadi, Aswal, Bana, yedjal, walaha.

Identification : They have a black shaggier, dusty and unkempt coat with large floppy ears, Most of them have a V or Y shaped whitish mark on chest. The muzzle is pale, thick and long with small jaws.They measure around 5-6 ft tall. Average wieight of males is around 100-180 kg and Females from 80-120 kg. They claws are sickle shaped and blunt.
They are excellent climbers and climb on trees to feed and rest. Although they appear slow and clumsy, they can gallop faster than a man running.
They have been used as pets to perfom bear shows in villages as they can be trained due to their tame able nature. They do not hibernate like many other bears.

Areas Found : They are found in Southeast Asian forests, more predominant in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Eating Habits : Mainly insectivorous feeding on termites, bees, beehives, ants and other insects. Also, they love honey and at times feed on flowers and fruits like mangoes, jackfruit, wood apple and sugarcane too.

Breeding Habits : Sloth Bears become sexually active at the age of 3 years. Mating season varies depending on their geographical location.Gestation period is around seven months. Litters consist 1-2 cubs. Mother feeds and take care of cubs for 1.5 -2 years. This is the only species of bears, where the cubs ride on mothers back when she walks or climbs trees.

Status : Threatened Species -Vulnerable.

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