Royalty Free Images of Rock Pigeon, Feral Pigeon and City Dove with information

Find below the free to use images of Rock Pigeon or feral Pigeon with some information about them. To see more members of Pigeon family visit other pages too.
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feral pigeons of different color and patterns
RG51- Feral Pigeons

feral pigeons or city pigeons feeding
RG52-Feral Pigeons Feeding

Rock Pigeon or Rock Dove giving perfect pose
RG53-Rock Pigeon-Perfect Pose

Rock Pigeon beautiful orange color eyes
RG54-Rock Pigeon-Blue Bar Pigeon

white-grey colored feral pigeon
RG55-Grizzle white Pigeon

Pigeon flying in blue sky
RG56-Flying Pigeons

pigeons flying near tankbund road in hyderbad, India
RG57-Pigeons Flight

white pigeons sitting on tree
RG58-White Pigeons Art

white pigeon pair
RG59-White Pigeons

Information on Rock Pigeon and feral pigeons

Common Names : Rock dove (wild pigeon), City dove, Feral pigeon, street pigeon
Scientific Name : Columba livia

Identification : The Rock Pigeon is grey to pale greay in color and has two black bars on the wings. The neck and wing feathers have multi-colored especially reddish, bluish, yellow, greenish surface which shines differently when seen from different angles. There is prominent swollen whitish colored mass near the base of beak and nostrils. The eyes are orange or grey colored with a grey-white ring around and eyelids are orange in color. The under wings are white in colour. The lower legs are pink. The iridescence in females and young ones id uller than the males.
The domestic pigeons came from Rock pigeon. Those Domestic pigeons which escaped back to wild are known as Feral Pigeons. Feral pigeons can be seen in various colors and different patterns.

Areas Found : Rock Pigeon is believed to be of South Asian Origin and is found in South Asia (in particular the Indian Sub continent), Arabian countries, Africa and south Europe in the natural state. Feral pigeons are common in many parts of the world including South Asian countries, Europe, middle east, Africa, Australia, North and South American countries. Rock pigeons use rock ledges  and cliffs for resting, sleeping and breeding in their native state while the feral pigeons can be seen in cities, towns and make their nest on the buildings or similar structures.

Eating Habits : They feed in flock or alone on grain, seeds, insects and in cities can also feed on left over food found from different sources.

Breeding Habits : They breed at any time of the year. The females lays 2 eggs and both parents contribute to incubation process. The new borns are called squabs and yellowish-grey colored.

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