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Find below the free to use images of Cats with some information about them. To see more tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Jaguar and other members of Cat family visit other pages too.
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Cat mind occupied by thoughts while eyes stare at me
RG23- Thousand thoughts in her mind- The Cat
Cats can adapt to different habitats and mainly feed on small birds and rodents. They drink water too, but can go on for longer periods without drinking water.They are sexually mature by the age of 6-12 months. They mate and breed frequently. A female may mate with multiple males during heat periods. The gestation period is about 2 months and the litter consists of 2-6 kittens.

  1. They love settling in high places. This helps them to observe their prey and jump to attack.
  2. They have acute sense of balance and flexibility. During a fall, it rotates the head first, next twists the spine, aligns the hind legs and finally rights itself. Which is why, they don’t get hurt during a fall from height.
  3. The average weight is around 5kg for domestic cat. The world record for largest cat is 21.3 kg.
  4. Cats have very good night vision and require only 15-20 % of the light level required for human vision.
  5. Cats can even hear sounds of ultrasonic and infrasonic frequencies, which are usually not audible to human ears.
  6. Domestic Cats are believed to have descended from African wild cat.
  7. Clowder or Glaring is the term used for a group of Cats.
  8. Male cats is often called Tom or Tom Cat, while the female is called molly or Queen.
  9. Cat whiskers are highly sensitivie to touch and help in navigation and sensation.
  10. Cats have a very strong sense of smell.
  11. The oldest Cat to live was a 38 years old female cat named Crème Puff.
  12. Cats spend 60-70 % of their life time sleeping. This helps them in saving energy.
  13. Cats communicate by producing various sounds like purring, meowing, grunting, growling etc.
  14. There are small backward facing spines called Papillae on a Cats tongue, which act like a hair brush and help the cat in grooming by licking themselves and spend many hours doing so. They love keeping their body neat and clean.
  15. Young kittens play with each other and Domestic cats also play with toys, it is believed that this helps them to practice their hunting skills.
  16. Cats are considered to be sacred animals in many cultures around the world. In ancient India( even today in many parts) and Egyptian culture, they were treated as protector of family, especially the kids and the ladies. There are Cat goddess in Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian religion. 

So, what about the common belief that a black cat crossing your path is bad omen? Well, I have personally experienced a black cat crossing my path, but never suffered any losses !! However if any cat near me is behaving strangely or producing weird cries, I become a little cautious, not because I believe in some myth, but considering the powerful hearing and smelling senses of Cat, mentioned above. 

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