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Indian Leopard resting on rocks
RG26-Leopard on Rocks

Leopard in cage
RG27- Get Me Out

Beautiful golden-tawny coat of Leopard
RG28-Amazing Beauty of Leopard

Information on Leopard

Common Name : Leopard
Scientific Name : Panthera pardus

The black leopard is called Panther.

Identification : The body color varies from pale yellow to reddish brown to golden with black colored rosette all over the body. The belly and inner parts of legs and tail are white. The rosette are smaller and more densely put, as compared to the Jaguar. Also in comparison to Jaguar, they lack the black spots inside them. The average Size of leopards is 5-8 ft in length, 2-2.5 ft tall and average weight is 30-90 kg. Females are smaller than the males. They have a life span of 10-12 years in wild and up to 23 years in captivity. These are smaller than Lions, Tigers and Jaguars.

Areas Found : Leopards are found in a wide variety of  habitats ranging from forests to deserts of Indian Sub continent, South Asia, China, Middle East countries and Africa.

Eating Habits : They are solitary hunters and very opportunistic. They have a broad diet, ranging from insects to large mammals. They attack their prey and drag the kill on top of a tree to eat peacefully. They can eat almost anything like small insects, monkeys, deer, antelopes, birds, fish, foxes, jackals, Gorillas, chimpanzee, reptiles, giraffe, rodents, vultures etc.
Breeding Habits : They are powerful climbers and good swimmers, can run upto 60 km/h. Leopards are very careful and elusive, it is difficult to spot  a leopard in your surrounding, as they hide themselves without making any noise. Leopard stays alone and interact to mate and breed, they mate all year round. The gestatin period is around 3 months with 1-4 cubs born. They are sexually mature by 2-3 years of age.

Status : Near Threatened Species.

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