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Male Jaguar with innocent look on face
RG24- Innocent look of Jaguar

RG25- Male Jaguar

Information on Jaguar

Scientific Name : Panthera onca

Identification : Jaguar is the third largest member of Cat family after Lion and tiger and the black jaguar is also called Panther. It has a compact strong muscled body, broad head and powerful jaws. The legs and tail are shorter in comparison to other large members of cat family. The average weight ranges from 50-100 kg, body length measures 1-2 m and 2-2.5 ft tall. The color of jaguar varies depending on its habitat, its coat is generally reddish brown to yellowish brown to black. Ventral areas are white in color. There are black solid spots on head and neck, these become larger and acquire rosette pattern on the back and sides similar to a leopard, however in case of jaguar these rosette are darker, thicker and have small spots inside. Such patterns on the body help in camouflage. Jaguar limbs are comparitively shorter than the Leopards.

Areas Found : Forests, wood lands, Swamps, grass lands of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Amazon Basin.

Eating Habits : Jaguars hunt on the ground, but can swim in water to catch fish, climb trees to target and pounce on its prey. It kills the prey by suffocating it using a deep bite on throat with its sharp teeth. Some also use their canines to pierce the skull bones of its prey. Jaguars can feed on almost any kind of meat ranging from large animals to smaller ones and normally attack deer, dogs, snakes, wild pigs, frogs, rodents, birds, fish, monkeys, eggs, turtles, cattle, crocodiles etc.

Breeding Habits : Jaguars are sexually mature by 2-3 years of age. They mate all through out the year. Gestation period is 3-4 months. 1-4 cubs are born. The kittens stay with their mother for 15-18 months. Jaguar lives up to 10-15 yrs in the wild and up to 20 yrs in captivity.

Status : Near Threatened Species.

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