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Asiatic lion also known as Indian Lion
RG29- Asiatic-Indian Lion

Cute Looking African Lion
RG30- Cute African Lion

African Lion taking rest
RG31-African Lion Resting

Roaring lion in the Jungle
RG32- King of The Jungle Roars

Lion cleaning face with tongue
RG33- Lion cleaning face with tongue

Indian or Asian Lion feeling lonely at Hyderabad zoo
RG34- Lonely Indian Lion
Asiatic Lion or Indian Lion (panthera leo persica) V/s African Lion (Panthera leo)

Identification : The fur color of Asian lions varies from  reddish brown to black to sandy grey. The Adult lions have an average weight ranging from  100-220kg, 3-3.5 ft tall and around 2-3 m in length. Females are smaller than males. The Asiatic lion have scanty mane when compared to African lion whose mane is large and more darker, making their ears always visible. However, the tufts on elbows and tail are more thicker than the African species. There is a longitudinal fold of skin, which runs along the belly length, which usually is absent in African lions. African lions are comparatively larger than Asian lions. Both the Lions can run faster for shorter distances ( max speed around 80 km/h)

Areas Found : Asian lions are restricted to Gir Forests, India.  Some of them will be soon transferred to Kuno Wild life sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. The Asian lions live in prides consisting of around 9-12 members, with each pride consisting of 2-5 females, 2-3 males out of these one male is the leader and a few cubs. The African lions on the other hand have a large pride size which may consist up to 20 members and are found in Africa.

Eating Habits : Lions are carnivores and  love to attack large sized prey, although in absence of larger animals, they may attack smaller ones. Normally, only the females go out for hunting and bring back the prey which is first served to the males and then other members of family. The prey mostly includes deer, antelope, wild boars, buffaloes, goat and domesticated cattle (in areas of any human habitation in the national park). Hunting is carried out during evening twilight or during night.
The African Lions usually get large animals to attack such as wilder beast, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, rhino’s, hippos etc, although they attack smaller animals too.

Breeding Habits : Lions are sexually mature by 2-3 years of age. They communicate with each other by grunts, growl, meow and moan sounds. The African lions breed throughout the year, while for the Asiatic lions the breeding season is usually at the onset of winter. The Gestation period is around 3.5-4 months with 2-3 cubs born in case of Asian lions while the litter includes 1-5 cubs for African lions. Females stay with the pride all throughout the life, while the young males move out of the family by  the age of 3 yrs.

Status : Threatened-Asian lions are Endangered Species while African lions are Vulnerable. There are only 300-400 Asian Lions and around 20,000 African Lions.

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