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Himalayan black bear also known as Asian Black Bear
RG1 - Himalayan black bear 

Moon Bear or White chest Bear
RG2- Black Bear Stare

black bear or buffalo bear  poses for camera
RG3-Black Bear Poses

Information on Himalayan Black Bear
Common Name : Asian Black Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Moon Bear,White-chest Bear.
Scientific Name : Ursus Thibetanus
Local Names : Kala Bhalu, Reech, Crescent Bear, Half moon Bear, Buffalo Bear,Horse Bear, Karadi, Elugu Banti, Aswal, Mapol, Bhalluk, Situm, Musu Bhurma, Hugum, Thagua, Sapa, Chup, Wekwon.
Identification : Around 60 inches tall. Black Coat with light brown muzzle and pale yellow crescent on their chest. Average weight of Males is around 120-130 kg and Females from 60-90 kg.
Areas Found : Mountainous and Hilly Areas like the Himalayas, Northern parts of Indian Subcontinent, Korea, Taiwan, China and eastern Russia
Eating Habits : Omnivores, mainly eating fruits, nuts, honey, roots and termites. However food shortage may force them to attack sheep, goat,etc
Breeding Habits : By the age of 3 years, they become sexually mature. Mating occurs in August-October. Gestation Period is 6-7 months and litter consisting of 2-4 cubs delivered by Jan-Feb. Mother Bear takes care of cubs for about 2-3 years.
Status : Threatened Species -Vulnerable.

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