Flower Horn Fish, Gold Fish, Clown fish, Tiger Shark free Images with information

Flower horn fish, Golden fish, Silver Arowana fish , Tiger shark fish and Clarks Anemone fish free images by attribution. 

RG34- Fish

Silver fish Arowana
RG65- Silver Fish- Silver Arowana

Flower horn cichlid fish
RG62- Flower Horn fish

This baby faced fish is commonly known as Flower Horn Cichlid. It is a hybrid of different colored fishes. These fishes are characterized by the protruding heads or frontal hump. They were first bred in South Asia to serve as Ornamental fishes for aquarium and later they became famous in America and Europe. Females are smaller than the males and the frontal hump is smaller or absent in them. They eat dry fish food, insects and small fish, and are highly prone to a number of diseases. There are many varieties developed and the one in the picture is Golden Base. These fish have been criticized by many environmentalists considering the fact that they are not natural and such continued practice of making hybrid fish may lead to many deformities in them.

Golden Colored fish or Gold Fish
RG63- Gold Fish

Gold Fish is a fresh water fish and most common of the aquarium fishes. They come in different size and a variety of colors. They range from 5 cm - 40 cm in length. Gold fish can smell things, see and hear as well. They can also recognize human face. These fishes can see colors which are not visible to human beings.

Clarks Anemone Fish or clown fish
RG64- Clarks Anemone Fish

Clarks Anemone fish or Clarks clown fish or banded clown fish or yellow tail clown fish or Amphiprion clarkia is a salt water fish, mostly found in lagoons and outer coral reefs. They have black and white stripes and yellow colored tail and fins. The black stripes are broader than the white stripes. They can be present in other colors too. The adults can grow up to 10-13 cm in body length. They eat a variety of food ranging from dry fish food, frozen, algae, meat food, chopped shrimps etc. They share a mutually benefiting relationship (symbiosis) with Sea Anemones. Together they help each other in providing food and security. These fish have strong immunity and are resistant to many infectious diseases and in case of any mild infection, these can recover soon. In aquariums, they should be kept in salt water aquariums of larger size, providing them ample space to swim around.

Tiger Shark Fish
RG66- Tiger Shark Fish

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