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Small Grass Yellow butterfly also known as Broad-bordered Grass Yellow or Eurema brigitta
RG12- Small Grass Yellow Butterfly

Information on Small Grass Yellow Butterfly
Common Name : Small Grass Yellow , Broad-bordered Grass Yellow, No Brand Grass Yellow.
Scientific Name : Eurema brigitta

Identification : These are small butterflies with a wingspan of 30-40mm. They are generally in yellow or pale green color. The Apical border of fore wings is generally dark green to brown color and there are a few black spots on the underside of fore wings. The males are brighter than females.

Areas Found : These butterflies are found in South Asia ( mainly Indian subcontinent), Africa, Australia and Some middle east countries.

Eating Habits : Most commonly seen in open Grasslands and bushy regions, they can also be seen in clearings and disturbed habitats. They feed on flower nectar, mud and animal dung. During the Caterpillar stage it feeds on the leaves and flowers of host plants.

Breeding Habits : They breed all round the year. The Caterpillars are slender and greenish in color. They lie on the main leaf stem. A fully grown caterpillar then converts to Pupa which is usually dark greenish in color.

Its difficult to capture these butterflies with camera especially if they are flying in bright green grasses due to their color. If I have missed out something or you wish to provide or share more information or your experiences, leave a comment and don’t forget to like and Subscribe.

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