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Indian Bison or Gaur are largest of wild cattle
RG9- Indian Gaur Bison

Information on Indian Gaur Bison

Common Name : Gaur, Indian Bison.
Scientific Name : Bos Gaurus
Local Names: Seladang, Pyoung, Gayal, Mithun

Identification : They are the tallest amongst the wild cattle, with a strong massive built. There is a high convex ridge on the forehead and a prominent ridge running from shoulder to the middle of back. The male is Dark-Brown to Black in colour with lower part of legs being white and the females are paler. The average weight ranges from 600-1000kg. Both sexes have horns which are flattened at the base and grow from sides of the head curving upwards and bend inwards at the tips. The head-body length ranges from 8ft-10ft and they are 5-7 ft tall.

Areas Found : They are found in Southeast Asian countries like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Breeding Habits : Gaur's become sexually mature by the time they are two-three years old. Breeding takes place all round the year. The Gestation period is about 9 months and usually one or two calves are delivered. Calves depend on mothers milk for nearly an year.

Eating Habits : They are Herbivores animals. Gaur graze on plant leaves, herbs, young shoots, green grasses, flowers and fruits. In shortage of food resources they may also feed on bark of certain trees.

Status : Threatened Species -Vulnerable.

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