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 Plain Tiger Butterfly also known as African Monarch Sipping Nectar on Marigold flower
RG10- Plain Tiger Butterfly Sipping Nectar

 Plain Tiger Butterfly or Danaus Chysippus with spotted wings
RG11- Plain Tiger Butterfly Wings

Information on Plain Tiger Butterfly

Common Name : Plain Tiger Butterfly, African Monarch, Lesser wanderer
Scientific Name : Danaus chrysippus

Identification : These are medium-sized butterflies with a black body consisting of multiple white spots. They have yellowish brown or orange-brown wings with the upper side being more brighter than underside. The tip area of the forewing is mostly black with white band. There are usually 3 black spots around the center of hind wing and a thin black border with series of semicircular white spots. The wingspan is around 7-8 cms.The males are generally smaller and brighter than females. It also has a pouch consisting of pheromones on the hind wing to attract females. Additionally, males have brush-like organs hidden within the abdomen which can be pushed.

Areas Found : These butterflies are found in many parts of Asia ( mainly India subcontinent, China, Sri lanka , Myanmar), Africa and Some middle east and European countries.

Eating Habits : They fly in the day time and sip nectar from flowers and during the Caterpillar stage it feeds on the leaves of host plants.The Predators avoid attacking them because they contain special chemicals which are not tasteful and can cause harm to predators if eaten. If they are attacked they pretend to be dead to deceive the predators and release liquids which smell bad. Hence, they mostly stay safe.

Breeding Habits : They breed all round the year.The female lays eggs on leaves ( generally it lays one egg per leaf). The Caterpillar is cylindrical in shape with black and white bands and yellow spots in between. A fully grown caterpillar then converts t Pupa which is usually green to pink in color.

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