Royalty Free Images- FAQ

A Few Frequently asked Questions.            

Q. Are the Images really Free for use ?
A. Yes, the maximum size of the Images provided here for free is 900 x 900 px. However, the Higher resolution and larger sizes of these are not free, incase you wish to obtain higher resolution and larger size then contact us.

Q. Are the Images Copyright Free ?
A. No, you are only permitted to use these for free, provided you attribute properly and follow the terms of License. All the images are copyrighted.

Q. Does the License permit me Derivative work?
A.  Non-Derivative use Only. However,You may make minor changes to certain settings like Contrast/ brightness etc.

Q. Whom to attribute and How ?
A.  “ Image Name or No. :  Inder RS/ ”.

This Credit should be hyperlinked or backlinked to  and the back link shoud be functional. The Credit is to be placed as a Caption  near the Image.

For more on how to attribute read the License Terms.

Q. What is Limited Commercial Use ?
A.  You may use the Images for

* Sharing with others on facebook, twitter etc.
* Video like youtube/vimeo etc, Games, Demos, Presentation etc.
* in posts / articles on Blogs and websites.
* Non-Commercial School-university Academic projects.

However you cannot
1. Sell these Images online or offline  or claim them as yours.
2. Cannot Sublicense or offer these Images to others on your website or blogs or any other place.
3. Publishing in  Newspapers / Magazine’s / Novels / books / postcards or any other commercial use, requires explicit written permission from us and may not be free always.

 For more Details read the License terms.

Q.Why is there a Watermark on the Images ?
A. Not for thieves of course. Its for those users who are not well familiar with Copyright laws and unknowingly violate them. Don’t crop the watermark unless as stated in the License Exceptions.

Q. Can Users Contribute Images to my Collection ?
A.  You will be notified on the royalty free Images Home page, once suitable arrangements for Contributors Gallery are made.

Q. Can users Donate for welfare and improvement of this section ?
A. Yes, any Contribution amount will be helpful. To make Donation Click here. 

For any other Queries either read the License or Contact us directly using the email or contact us form. You may also ask your doubts in the Comments below .

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