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Hamadryas Baboon or Sacred Baboon (scientific name papio hamadryas) belongs to the family of old world monkeys. The name Sacred Baboon comes from the fact that they were given importance in many ancient religious cultures such as Egyptian culture. 

angry male Sacred baboon
RG69- Angry Male Sacred Baboon

Hamadryas baboon is also known as Sacred Baboon
RG70- Hamadryas Baboon

The Sacred Baboon- Hmadryas Baboon
RG71- The Sacred Baboon

These are native to areas around Red sea, parts of Africa and some Arabian countries. Their Habitat ranges from semi-arid regions, forests to mountain areas with cliffs. They are silver to grey-white in color , have large prominent mane (absent in females) with face color reddish-brown. The average weight ranges from 10-45 kg, while the body length is 35-75 cm. Males are twice the size of females. The males have sharp and strong canines.

Sacred Baboons feed on Grass, tree leaves, plant flowers, fruits, tubers, roots, nuts, insects, rodents, small birds and small animals..

The Hamadryas Baboons live in well established social structure. There are small groups called Harems with one male leader and 10-12 females. Additionally there could be a young male which might be considered as heir to the older male Baboon. A few Harems make up Clans. A few clans form Bands and bands form Groups. A group may consist of many hundred baboons including males, females and the young ones. The Sacred Baboon society is governed and dominated by the Male members, who take the final decisions regarding any important matter in the family.

A Sacred Baboon becomes sexually mature by the age of 5 years. The mating takes place all year round with the male leader of the Harem mating the females. The gestation period is normally 5 months. The young Baboon is completely dependent on the mother for about an year and rides on her back and is nursed and taken care by other females too. The leader male protects the infants and the females from other males and predators.

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