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Rhesus Macaque or Rhesus Monkey (scientific name - Macaca mulatta), are found in large numbers and in wide variety of habitats like shrub land, desert region, dense forests to areas inhabited by Human population. These belong to the old world monkeys. Rhesus monkey is native to Afghanistan, Indian Sub continent ( India , Nepal,  Bangladesh, Pakistan) , other South Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and South China.

Rhesus Macaque at Hyderabad zoo in India
RG72- Rhesus Macaque at Hyderabad Zoo, India

Rhesus Monkey
RG76- Rhesus Monkey

Monkeys Mating
RG77- Mating Monkeys

Rhesus Monkeys on a tree
RG78- Rhesus Monkeys on Tree Top

The Rhesus monkey is a medium sized monkey with pink face, yellowish-light brown to grey colored fur coat. They have short fur on head. The body length measures from 40- 50 cm and the average weight is 5-8 kg. Males are larger than the females. The tail is of medium length. They are good swimmers too. The average lifespan is of 15-25 years. In India, they can be found near temples and are often offered food by the people visiting the temples.

They feed on flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, small insects, tree bark, ants, in human populated areas they will eat most of the vegetarian food that humans eat in addition to their normal diet.

The Rhesus monkey live in troops of multi-male and multi-female consisting of 20 to a few hundred monkeys. Females reach the sexual maturity by 3 years and males by 4 years of age. The Gestation period is 5-6 months with 1 infant born. The Macaque Monkeys communicate using various facial expressions, gestures and vocal sounds.

These monkeys have been used for carrying out various research programme and in clinical tests to develop and test medicinal drugs. In fact, the name Rhesus or Rh Factor in human blood comes from Rhesus monkey in which the proteins was first found.

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