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Hungry White Tiger
RG19- Hungry white Tiger

white tiger after shower
RG20- white tiger after shower

Royal white tiger or Bengal white tiger
RG21 - white tiger poses 

White tiger walking on rounds
RG22-white tiger on rounds

Information on White Tiger
Common Name : Royal white Tiger or Bengal white tiger
Scientific Name : Panthera tigris tigris

Identification : The body color is white to pale cream with brownish black stripes all over the body. The average Size of white Bengal tigers is 2.5-3.2 m in body length, 3-3.5 ft tall and average weight is 130-260 kg. Females are smaller than the males. They have a life span of 15-18 years. The white tigers have blue eyes and pinkish colored nostrils and are stronger than the normal Bengal Tigers  They are good swimmers but not so good climbers. The white tigers are basically those Bengal tigers which a recessive mutant gene, which prohibits the normal orange yellow colors. Hence, they do not form a separate sub species and are simply a variant of Bengal Tigers.

Areas Found : Very rare occurrences of white tigers have been noted in the wild and most of them are found only in captivity in Zoo and wild life parks. There are a little over 200 white tigers in the world with around 100 found in captivity in India.

Eating Habits : Tigers are solitary hunters and feed on deer, monkeys, cattle, wild pigs, turtles, fishes, foxes, jackals etc. They can attack animals weighing 30 kg to nearly 1 Ton( 1000kg). They eat once in several days.

Breeding Habits : Bengal tigers are sexually mature at the age of  3-5 yrs. Gestation period is 3-4 months with normally 2-5 cubs born. Unlike lions, tigers don’t live or hunt in group. The young ones remain with their mothers for 2-3 years and then leave to form their own territory.

Status : Threatened Species- Endangered.

Tiger Vs Lion : Given an Ideal situation, where a tiger and lion of similar age and characteristics are left to fight each other, the tiger has greater possibility to emerge victorious and in many incidents in the past, tigers have killed lions.

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