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Tiger swimming in water
RG15- Young Bengal Tiger in Water

Royal Bengal Tiger
RG16- Royal Bengal Tiger Look

Female Bengal Tigress with grown up Cubs
RG17- Female Bengal Tigress with grown up Cubs

Young Bengal Tiger walking
RG18- Young Tiger on Walk

Information on Bengal Tiger

Common Name : Royal Bengal Tiger or Indian tiger
Scientific Name : Panthera tigris tigris

Tiger is the National Animal of India and Bangladesh.

Identification : The body color is yellowish-orange with belly and inner parts of legs being white. There are brownish black stripes all over the body. The average Size of Bengal tigers is 2.5-3 m in body length, 3-3.5 ft tall and average weight is 130-240 kg. Females are smaller than the males. They have a life span of 15-20 years. The Tigers have a strong built, powerful canines and paws. They can swim well but are not good climbers.

Areas Found :  They are found in evergreen forests, swamps and shrub lands of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, with the number being maximum in India.

Eating Habits : Tigers are solitary hunters and feed on antelopes, spotted deer, Swamp deer, grey monkeys, wild cattle, wild pigs, birds, Peafowl, lizards, turtles, fishes, frogs, at times they attack rhinoceros, hippos, crocodiles, foxes, jackals and in areas of human encroachment may attack domestic cattle too. Normally they do not attack human beings, but some tigers which are old and sick and cannot catch a natural prey, may find human’s an easy target and become man eaters. Tigers hunt on their own and usually lead a solitary life in its own territory. They are endowed with good swimming power but seldom climb trees.

Breeding Habits : Bengal tigers are sexually mature at the age of  3-5 yrs. Gestation period is 3-4 months with normally 1-3 cubs born. Unlike lions, tigers don’t live or hunt in group. The young ones remain with their mothers for 24-30 months and then leave to form their own territory.

Status : Threatened Species- Endangered.

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