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Black and white Colobus monkey (scientific name: colobus guereza) is native to African countries lying in the equatorial belt. It’s largely black in color, with fur around the face being white giving it a frame like appearance. There are long white hair on both sides of the black trunk, and the long tail ends into a busy white plume. The hands which are hook shaped have stump thumbs, which are like vestigial parts in this case. These monkeys can grow up to 55-60 cm in body length, with an average weight of 7-15 kg.

White and Black Colobus Monkey
RG84-White-Black Colobus Monkey

Colobus monkey eating Banana
RG85- Colobus monkey eating Banana

Colobus monkey with no thumbs and bushy tail tuft
RG86-Colobus Monkey No thumbs and bushy tail tuft

Being Herbivores, their diet mainly includes tree leaves, fruits, flowers, bark, soil, twigs etc. The green parts of the plants provide them enough water, so they don’t drink much water. The Colobus monkey spends much of its time on the trees and comes on ground very less in comparison to other monkeys.

They live in small groups consisting of 3-12 members. Normally, there is 1 adult male and rest all females and babies. Other adults of the family leave the group and either stay alone or join all males group. They produce various vocal sounds for communication. Males defend their groups and territory from invaders by roars, tongue clicks, Stiffening their legs and other means.There is no fixed breeding season for Colobus monkeys. The gestation period is around 6 months with 1 infant born. These monkeys become sexually mature by 4 - 5 years of age.

The Colobus monkeys are hunted for their skin and meat. This along with natural predators and forest clearing is effecting their population.

Vervet Monkey also known as African Green Monkey
RG87- Vervet Monkey- African Green Monkey

Vervet Monkey or African Green Monkey

The Vervet monkey has a greenish to silver grey body with black face and ears. The tips of fingers and toes are also black. Their average weight is 4-7 kg and body length 40-50 cm. These monkeys are omnivores and feed on leaves, shoots, grass, flowers, insects, bird eggs, rodents etc.

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