Chimpanzee, free Images with Interesting facts

Chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and humans are believed to have evolved from a common ancestor millions of years ago. Chimps are considered to be the closest relatives of Human beings and the DNA of these two resemble many common factors. Chimpanzees differ from other monkeys in many ways.They have more developed larger brains, can walk upright on two legs for longer duration carrying objects in their hands just like humans, lack tails and are larger than the other monkeys.
RG82- Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee wakes up from sleep
RG83- Chimpanzee wakes up 

A chimpanzee is almost black in color with skin color of certain exposed parts like face and limbs varying from light pink to very dark pink. The fingers, face, nose, palms, sole lack hair. An average chimp measures from length is from 1 – 1.8 meters in body length, up to 5 ft tall and weighs around 40-70 kg. Males are generally larger than females. They have protruding jaws and snubbed nose and can live up to 45- 50 years. The arms are longer than legs and the body is short. They move around on all four legs and hands using knuckles to support them. They are mostly found in African tropical rain forests, swamps and grasslands.

Chimpanzees live in communities consisting of 50-60 members, which are subdivided into smaller groups. Each group has a male leader who is responsible for protection and welfare of the group, the females can remove him if they don’t find him worthy enough. Chimps make nest using tree branches to shelter at night time and frequently change their nests as they travel different places for food. They are Omnivores and feed on plant parts, fruits, insects and at times eat meat.

Chimps are sexually mature by 12-15 years of age. The gestation period is around 8-9 months with 1 infant born.Chimpanzees resemble many human like qualities such as ability to learn things, show emotions, laugh, cry, love, mourn, feel anger, can understand if humans are talking politely or shouting at them, jealousy, ability to plan things, make tools for hunting and communicate via sign or symbol languages.

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