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Golden Spotted Ground Dove also known as Metriopelia Aymara
RG60-Golden Spotted Ground Dove

Dove with Golden Spots on wings
RG61-Golden Spots on Dove wings

Information on Golden Spotted Ground Dove

Common Name : Golden Spotted Ground Dove, Bronze Winged Dove, Colombe aymara
Scientific Name : Metriopelia aymara

Identification : This dove is identified by the color of its wings and golden spots, the upper wing feathers are reddish brown with less sheen resembling bronze color. The outermost row of feathers have some golden spots. The primaries (feathers underneath) are balckish colored. The Tail is short and points downwards. The chest area is pale blue or grey color. Body length is 16-18cms. 
Overall, the dove looks small, round and without legs at first instance. The color of wings and golden spots appear to change and shine differently when looked at from different angles.

Areas Found : Believed to be a Native of South American countries like chile, peru, Argentina, but can be seen in many other parts of the world. They live in dry open grasslands and shrub lands.

Eating Habits : They feed on grain, seeds, soft fruits and insects.

Breeding Habits : These doves fly less and walk more, make simple nests in bushes or on ground in vegetation. They can breed anytime of the year and lay 2-3 eggs, both parents tend to the eggs.

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