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red bugs cenaeus carnifex mating
RG13- Red Bugs Cenaeus Carnifex Mating

Common Name: Red bugs or Fire bugs
Scientific Name: Cenaeus Carnifex belong to Order Hemipetra (True Bugs) of class Insecta.

Areas Found : They are believed to be of african Origin, However can be seen in many parts of the world, commonly observed in areas with green vegetation like forests or even Gardens and fields.

Identification : They are red in color, on the back you can see 2 black triangular marks, diagonally opposite to each other. Usually these bugs are around 10-11mm in length and 3-4 mm in breadth. I found a few color variations though, the side of abdomen is usually red. The young ones are Orange red with legs also same color while some of them are dark red with reddish black legs.

Eating Habits : They feed on green plants or green vegetable.

Breeding Habits : I think they Mate a lot, because most of the time I have seen them together as in the Picture above.
** After Googling I found that they are Host to certain parasitic protozoa (Chagasella), which resides in their salivary glands.

Will post some more pics, Meanwhile If you have some more information, then share with us in the comments below. if you liked the Images please share them.

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