Latest Blogger Template HTML Editor Changes And Improvements

Posted on 10th April’ 2013. 
Today, when I opened my Blogger Template Editor, I found a new look, the template edit html features, seems to be improved.

At first, I thought something was wrong with  this Blog, but after checking my other Blogs, I observed the same changes. Perhaps, Blogger has given a fresh and improvised Look to the editor.

 In the Below Image, You can see the new look with additional features.
Latest blogger template HTML editor, template html edit changes, April '2013
Improvised Blogger Template Html editor-April'2013

So lets understand the New Blogger html editor features :

1.Back Button : Exits the HTML editor, takes you backwards.

2.Jump To Widget : Acts like the previous expand widgets option and Opens a Drop Down menu with all the widgets of the blog. Click a particular widget to edit.

3.Edit Template : After making changes in any particular widget, click edit and save template.

4.Preview Template : To preview the changes you have made. Now, the preview opens in the editor itself rather than opening in a new window.

5.Format Template : Formats the template.

6.Revert Changes : To undo the changes.

7.Revert Widget Template to Default : Removes the customization done and sets the default settings.

8. Number lines are also introduced.

Q. How to make changes to the template html?

Lets assume we want to make changes to the Blog1. Below steps should be followed.
 a. From the Blogger dashboard
 Templateà Edit HTML à This will bring you to the New editor.

b. Click Edit Template à Click Jump to Widgets Select the widget you want to edit, from the given list. As shown in the image below.

Edit Different Widgets in New Blogger Template HTML editor

c.Select the Number lines, The includable tags are folded. Click the Arrow icon to expand them and then you can edit the template.

How to expand widgets code in new Blogger Template HTML editor-2013
d.Next, Preview the template.

e.If you approve of the changes, click Save template. That’s All.

Take your cursor inside the editor and click anywhere.

Next press Ctrl + f . This will bring a Search Box inside the Editor itself (top-right corner) and not on the Page.

To check the how many times the searched item occurs in the template, 
press Ctrl+ Shift+f.

**Please back up your template, if possible first try this on a test Blog.
 Iam writing this post in a little hurry ( also not sure if everyone is experiencing this or only me) and still testing all the different functions- Shall update here Once I have tried out editing all the widgets on a test blog.

Let me know if you too are experiencing the changed look /  facing any difficulty or have tried making any edits to any other widget using the improved editor. Suggestions are most welcome.

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