The Indian Festival of Colors- Holi

“ Holi ” is celebrated as "Festival Of Colours" with much fun and frolic every year in India and many other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Although, it is  mainly  associated with Hindus, People from different religious belief’s celebrate it in high spirit, leaving behind any differences of caste, creed, race, gender or status, which is why, it is also regarded as celebration of unity and brotherhood.

Happy Holi Animated Card - Holi Greetings Card
Happy Holi Animated Card
When is Holi Celebrated ?

On the Phalgun Purnima (Last Full moon Day of Phalgun ) according to Hindu Calendor, which usually comes in later half of February or March in the Gregorian calendar.

 When is Holi festival in the year 2012 ? : 27th March / 28th March.

What do different colours of Holi signify and How to make natural colours ?
(Significance of colours, How to make Natural colours, and Safe Holi Playing Tips)

What are the regional Names of Holi and regionwise celebration styles?
(Lathmaar Holi, Phagwa, Dhulandi Holi, RangPanchmi, Basant Utsav, Hola Mohalla, others)

What is the Importance of Holi ?
(Social, Cultural and Scientific Reasons Behind Holi Celebration)

What are the mythological legends behind Holi ?
Story of Prahlada
Story of Kamadeva
Story of Lord Krishna, Radha and the demoness Pootna

How is Holi celebrated and for how many days ?
(Preparing Holika, Prayers to be done, eve of Bonfire and Playing with colours)

Learn to make special Holi recipies?
(Preparation of Bhang, Sweets and other important Dishes)

Holi Greetings Cards !!

I have designed a few cards, which you will find when you visit the individual sub-titles, Some are animated (like the one above), while others are Image Cards with text. In addition there are real cool Images in each subtitle post.
( If you like the Cards, feel free to Download and share with your friends and family)

Finally, a cute little video to wish you all. Please Share !!

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