Secret Reason Why The Almighty God Gave Us Freedom of thought

A short poem where the author Questions lord Krishna, about a simple fact, as to why he created this beautiful nature and life, to top it all, gave human beings brains to think freely. Later the author discovers the answer.

Devotional Poem in Hindi-why god gave us power to think-Ancient-manuscripts

 From the Author :

"Oh, my lord Krishna, what a wonderful show you have staged, almighty”

Why do you take birth in this world again and again, and bestow the divine wisdom of Bhagvad Gita upon us, every time.  You appear before us in different avatars and are called by different names, though you are always there, around us in an undefined shapeless form, your presence can be felt in the enormously powerful energy that surrounds and is within every living soul.

You are the lord of the entire universe, and have conquered the 6 senses, delusion, fallacy, deception and the materialistic illusions that we human beings fail to overcome.
Still, I’m unable to understand why you are tied up with your love or fascination towards  Humans? Is it some sort of Greed, some secret behind this, or just your sheer love for living beings. You are the creator, but for what purpose do you create life, time and again?

You have designed a perfect, rather the most beautiful and colourful environment for all forms of life, added brains to our bodies. Perhaps, even this was not enough, so you improvised the human mind to think and act independently. Hey lord, did you not fear that by doing so, we might not remember or worship you, or erase your thought, totally from our memories. Think, how nice it would have been, had our thoughts been governed by you. If you, had not given us this independence, don’t you feel we would have always been loyal to and obediently worshipped you.

Oh, now I realise why you did so, Perhaps you would not have been able to take self pride in your own creation without making it completely perfect, and to do so you gifted living beings with independent way of thinking or may be, you wouldn’t have enjoyed this entire play( cycle of life) that you stage  without doing so. There wouldn’t have been any adventure, challenge, or spice in your show, with just Ordinary characters (living beings) who remained fully devoted to you, at all times, and so to add that extra spark you enabled us to think on our own. This way you, also justify to us that you have given us a fair opportunity to enact our roles in our styles (thereby bringing variety in the play and making it more entertaining). It also helps you to differentiate between your true and hypocritical devotees.

Now it has become clear to me, all doubts appear to be solved in my little brains. You initiate this entire Play with your existence on the stage, and then introduce different characters to act with full freedom, while you step aside to watch the most entertaining show, and we enjoying acting in it. From time to time you monitor and participate in it just like an ordinary being and in the end re-establish your existence.

Praises to you Almighty Lord Krishna!! Thank you a million(s) times for casting me in this Great Show of Life.

Poem on Image by Raj Suhag

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