My Near Death Experience and God

You would have read stories, seen scary images and/or heard how frightening it is when someone unfortunately meets a near death experience (NDE). How does the angel of death look like? Is it all dark then? Does God exists and how does he look? Well, I found an answer to some of these questions when my worst nightmare came true, the day I met with a bike accident.

The Accident Scene:  
I was on my way to a small town and it started raining heavily impairing the visibility. I was approaching some village’s bus stand. There was a big vehicle in front of me and a truck behind, all moving at reasonably safer speeds.

I could not see anything coming ahead (the poor visibility and the big vehicle in front). Nearly 500m off the bus stand, a speeding car coming down on the other side, first hit the vehicle ahead of me (side - side) and then BOOM!! I was HIT (hardly any time to react) and the world disappeared before my eyes . . .

Felt like I was in a state of Trance. Describing those few seconds/minutes when I actually interacted with the so-called Angel of Death, in the poem below.
Poem on Eternal Truth of life
Poem on experience and realisation of eternal truth by Raj Suhag

|||There was darkness all around for a few seconds and just like anybody else, I did not wish to die. My situation was similar to a person who has lost his direction in rough seas and without any experienced skipper, may never see the land again.

And then I saw an extremely bright source of light. Sight of it, didn’t make me feel any happy, rather it made my heart sink. Gradually a Smiling face appeared, but it wasn’t an ordinary smile, there was something strange and cunning about it. I heard a deep voice “I am here to take you”. My soul trembled in fear, I wanted to scream aloud, but could not.

 Yes!! I was scared and scared like never before, after all in front of me stood “The angel of Death”.

 My entire life flashed before my eyes. I wondered if it was the time to leave the world behind. Why so early? I asked myself. I never made any commitment to this angel of death nor did I sign any contract with her. Putting up a fight with that angel was not my intention.

Hence in a soft voice I spoke these words “This is not my time yet, you shouldn’t have come now. My mission is not yet accomplished, there are relationships to be improved, earthly duties to be performed, promises to be fulfilled and I haven’t worshipped My "Lord Krishna" to the fullest in this life. You shouldn’t have come so early. ”

More Images of Angel
Image of an Angel 

Listening to my words, she came closer to me, attempting to take me in her arms. By now, I was already feeling a change in my thoughts. Our conversation thou short, had made me overcome all the fear and her smile appeared beatific. I was no more afraid of her and she could read that on my face. Within a few seconds, my fear had dissolved, I was experiencing an unknown pleasure, something I would happily die for. I kept looking at her, like a little child in surprise, but much more relaxed and comforted.

I realised that "DEATH" is an eternal truth. Rare are those people, who conquer death. Now, I wanted to be with her, as I felt relieved of all my pain and sorrows.  |||

All the above happened within a few seconds, and then there was darkness again.

So where, how and when did I see God?
As I lay there in a pool of blood, experiencing a cycle of total unconsciousness and partial unconsciousness, a huge crowd (more than 50 people) had gathered to watch the show. I could hear faint voices and see some of their blurred faces. Even after hearing my cries, none of them came forward to help. (Perhaps they were confident that I will die, and did not want to involve into any legal hassles). The local Police station was hardly 2kms away, yet in this age of mobile technology nobody bothered to call police or any medical help.

Finally, after almost an hour a kind hearted person, who was travelling with his family and kids, stopped by and helped me reach the Hospital (my mobile was in a bag and luckily not damaged, so he searched my contacts and informed my family too). 

It was later, I wondered with tears in my eyes, that, when so many people belonging to my own state, speaking same regional language, being well familiar with all the near by important locations and fully in a situation to help me, didn’t even bother to step an inch forward, why? a totally unknown passer-by, who could have easily ignored me, stopped and offered me help.

Does God exist? My answer is YES!! and I have seen Him. The unknown man (He did not leave any contact info.) with ordinary looks who saved my life, was God for me.

Image(s) credits: Inder RS

Poem on Image: Raj Suhag


The author suffered several injuries and multiple fractures and was operated by a team of 8 experts for nearly 9 hours. By God’s grace he survived without any permanent disability to any body part, recently he has undergone another follow up surgery.

Details of this incident and life after, will be shared some other day. Our humble request to all, please don’t drink and drive, if you are not concerned about your own life at least don’t take life of others. We, all should help people in distress, legal hassles (if any) come later, at least a life is saved. If you feel the same, then spread awareness.

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