Enrollment To Vicious Cycle of Life and Death

Author assumes himself to be in the hell (naraka loka) due to his past bad karmas. He has got used to the torturous life in the other world, and is able to worship God more sincerely than ever before, and then One day, he is asked to leave the Narak loka, as he will be taking birth on earth, once again. Below he describes his feelings on learning this and an interesting conversation between him and Lord Krishna follows.

More Conversation with God-Devotee requesting Lord Krishna

After having spent many years in the most unpleasant place in the universe (Hell or naraka loka, which I attained through bad deeds in previous life), I was informed that I will be enrolled in the cycle of life and death, a one more time. Upon hearing this, I opened my heart to the almighty God and begged him to let me continue living in the hell.I tried to persuade God and convince him not to send me back to earth, and explained the logic behind it.

Enrollment to Cycle of Life and Death-Jeevan Maran k Chakra mein Enrollment
My Enrollment to Cycle of Life And Death-Jeevan Maran k Chakra mein Mera enrollment

I said “O almighty Krishna, my lord . . .

Happiness, grievance and sorrows are part of shadows of life on earth. I'm happy in this world (naraka loka). It is in this place of endless torment, torture and suffering, that I have come closer to you. Unlike the earth, there are neither illusions nor any materialistic attachments; hence even I wished I could not stop thinking of you, every second.

Then why do you want me to return to a world, where I’m likely to leave the path of vipassana and my fickle mind and playful body will be tied up by the worldly attachments. It’s after ages of pain and suffering here, that I have attained this day to experience your presence before me."

“Hey Murlidhara, O Madhava, Hey madhusudan” what will I do, when the earthly delights will be showered upon me and Maya diverts my attention  from you.

Listening to my humble request, the God smiled, and revealed the secret path to attain him forever. “Dear child, it’s only after spending a lifetime in Bhoo-loka (earth), that all my devotees attain direct-realisation and can find me. You will have to go there, as it is your final test, and you will need to do well.”

I pleaded again “Hey Lord, at least tell me, which era is going on, which Yuga (Cycle of ages on earth) are you sending me to.”

“You will be sent to the same Kali-yuga (age of darkness/ vice), in which you had lived your previous life” replied the God.

Such was my experience from past life in kalyuga, that unable to control my anguish I with a little imprudence softly said “ Oh my lord Krishna, if that is the case, then undoubtedly I will have to return  to this Naraka loka( Hell ) .”

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Perhaps, our Author doesn’t mind expressing his feelings in an imprudent style to the almighty himself, such is his faith, that God forgives us and is not easily annoyed by His children, but let us all worship him more like prudent and staunch devotees.

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