Radha Krishna Love- Beautiful description of How Radha meets Krishna

Image of Lord Krishna and Radha- The Radha-krishna love
Radha-Krishna Love
It is believed that Lord Krishna enchants the World and Radha enchants even him. Radha’s utterly rapturous and unconditional love for Krishna is considered to be of the highest form of devotion. It is because of this, that Radha’s name can never be separated from Krishna. Their liaison is a love legend of all times. The author expresses his feelings as to how he wishes to contribute and take a dip in the ocean of RadhaKrishna devotional love.

Hindi poem on radha and krishna love
Mere-Saavre ka Zaldi karo re Shringaar

“Hey Gopis of vrindavan, without any further delay, assist my lord in getting dressed, for he has to meet Radha” 

It is the fresh spring time atmosphere, there is greenery, beautiful flowers blooming all around, bees are humming, butterflies are dancing, Peacocks singing and birds are whistling the music of love. Light breeze is blowing, spreading the fragrance of flowers and music of soils. Radha, lord Krishna’s eternal consort, dressed like a beautiful bride, stands on the bank of river Yamuna, awaits her love.

Her heart is parching like a desert, which is waiting for the rain drops to come onto it. At the same time, the excitement to see her love, is piercing Radha's heart and making her unbelievably restless. The cloud of things which she would say to Krishna is bursting in her mind.

On the other hand, the almighty bears a sweet intoxicating smile, a smile which can remove the pride of even the proudest woman. Perhaps, he likes teasing Radha and is intentionally making her wait longer (after all he is the creator, one who has staged this most beautiful show, and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy his role (disguise) as an ordinary participant).

“Hey Gopis of vrindavan, without any further delay, assist my lord in getting dressed, for he has to meet Radha”

                                                                 || Hare Krishna ||

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