Devotional Poem-O God-Take me in your refuge

Man Praying and requesting-God-Arms wide Open-Looking at sky
Oh my lord, I take refuge in you, protect me in the shelter of your presence. I am afraid of this disgusting and cruel world, from the tyranny of evil (kalyuga). Every relation appears to be fake and adulterated, there seems to be no truth left, even in blood relationships, rather there is hardly any blood bonding to be seen today. Members of the same family also can’t stand each other anymore.
Devotional poem in Hindi-O lord take me in refuge-Image of Ancient Indian Scroll
Sharan Mujhe Le Le O Hari (Krishna)

The materialistic illusions and Greed have deteriorated the human mind and affected our ability to think wise. The only thing people desire is more and more wealth and worship the – Mammon. 
Relationships now seem to be redundant, they are more like stories of broken hearted.

People have lost faith, trust and confidence in their own dear ones.
Nothing is safe, secure or reliable. The elderly, kids and women are no more respected. Moral ethics and virtues are things of the past. The mankind is degrading at a much faster pace than ever before.

I can continue expressing my grievance to you, but tell me Oh "Krishna", when will you provide peace to my tormented soul. Hey Almighty, I pray to you, shelter me in the shadows of your wings.

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