Devotion to Lord Krishna

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A short composition indicating how we Humans are attached to the earthly pleasures and the way we spend our precious life without ever realising the true goal, without attaching ourselves to the almighty God (lord Krishna).

Ancient Indian Scroll Image-Hindi Poem on Devotion to Lord Krishna

From the Author (Raj Suhag) -

We never realise that neither we belong to this world nor the world belongs to us. We Search for Happiness, luxuries and desire all that is materialistic, If we succeed, Our hunger for such pleasures increases more and more, if we fail, we are never tired of complaining and putting forward our grievances to the almighty.

Not once, do we think or realise that everyone has to bid a goodbye someday, leaving all the so-called comforts of life behind us. Yet, we never think about the eternal truth of life and Death cycle, which is vicious in nature. As long as we live, we struggle hard to desire or achieve things we see around us, never thinking about how we shall depart from this world.

Our Body is virtually tied up by relations, achievements, desires and other such worldly things. Our body is just like old tethered clothes, abandoning which we shall obtain a new one, but what remains intact is the soul. Still, whatever we do is more or less concerned with the satisfaction of this set of clothes which we have layered upon our soul.

There is no escape from this vicious chakra of life, we are born again and again, and have to undergo more or less the same trend facing similar situations over the tenure we spend in this world.

How many more times do we need to be born and how many times shall we die, in which life and when are we going to realise this fact and attach ourselves to the universal source of energy, which in fact  is the only way to permanently get rid of this repeated Drill. We have got this life, Should not we focus towards realising our association with the truth, the truth of Almighty.

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Poem on Image - Raj Suhag

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